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With the advertising and marketing world as complex as it is, our clients are looking for partners who can do it all: help guide brand strategy, create engagement campaigns, execute flawlessly in real time, measure and refine as needed.


Media Negotiation, Planning, and Placement

GW NEW YORK brings you innovative traditional, digital, and social media strategies, customizing them to fit your customers and your brand objectives (brand promise, positioning and messages), and backing up our recommendations with robust analytics and research.



We have some of the best creatives working in the field today. From production of television commercials, copy, website creation, all the way to IAB high impact units we have you covered. We will take you through the creative brief all the way to when your ad goes viral on Youtube, your spot goes national on TV, your spread cuts through in Forbes, or your social program goes wild on twitter.


Media Analysis

GW NEW YORK evaluates your historical media mix and helps you optimize performance, increasing the value and impact of your advertising campaigns.


Media Tracking and Verification

GW NEW YORK acts as the steward of your investment, ensuring that all media you purchase runs as promised (or better than promised) with tracking systems that are second to none and detailed verification reports that have set new standards in the industry.


Social Media Management

Whether it be content creation on Facebook or Youtube, marketplace ads, celebrity endorsements, or social media management, we are the experts in this category. We've worked on thousands of campaigns and understand how to make social sing for a brand.


Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

From your standard CPC campaign to a more complicated multi-brand strategy, we will provide you with real time report and thousands of keywords to make sure you are getting the most efficient and effective use of your budget.


Strategic Consultation

Understanding your goals and objectives for a campaign, we can optimize it to drive those metrics and achieve the highest ROI. With our approach to customizing your marketing mix, you will know that your dollars are hitting your bottom line.


Site Direct and Programmatic Buying

Whether you want a homepage takeover on The New York Times or a data driven behavioral targeting play, we can give you access to the most innovative display opportunities and programmatic buying opportunities in the world.



Without a foundation built in research you are shooting in the dark. We have access to some of the best research in the field and can provide you with a direction on which we can build your brand.


Reputation Management

Shoppers today research with the Internet before they make a purchase or choose a place to eat. Your reputation on blogs, review sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, and social sites like Facebook and Twitter all influence the choice they make. Drive positive word-of-mouth advertising with reputation management.

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